The designed site is located in the greenbelt of the Lviv suburb in the village of Briukhovychi. The space of the hospital is divided into separate blocks in order to visually reduce the size of the building and better fit it into the pine forest. Facade finishing includes several types of panels, which help to highlight blocks and emphasize the composition of spaces. We used wood to make the buildings look harmonious in the natural environment and make the hospital more comfortable. The blocks are connected by a lobby with the main entrance. We also designed vertical decorative pylons on the facade which interact with tree trunks nearby. The walls in the lobby are made of glass to extend the softwood forest and create a feeling of calm for clients. The hospital has several departments – an out-patient clinic, a cafe with a terrace, a conference hall with floor-to-ceiling windows and an accessible roof with a recreation space.
Modern architecture of the medical center has a lot of glazing, which improves the rehabilitation process of patients recovering in the natural surroundings.
Briukhovychi, Lviv region
Medical center
Type of activity
New construction
4 820 sq m