“LOFT AFFAIR” gated community
The gated community consists of several types of townhouses. Blocked houses have a shift in their design relative to each other, which makes it possible to add more privacy to each house. The variability of facade concepts combined with recessed balconies of various configurations create a comfortable living environment. A special feature of the town is a public garden, which will serve as a meeting point for residents and children to play. A metal strand runs through the entire public garden and serves as a base for seats, a swing mount, and has built-in lighting. The strand has perforated letters - a text about Andy Warhol, a famous American artist of Ukrainian origin, who made the industrial loft style trending.
In an effort to preserve peace and comfort, we tried to create a space to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. A comfortable place for a healthy life and for making plans for the future. The highlight of the project is its own park area, where you can spend unforgettable weekends with family and friends.
Kiev region, Ukraine
Gated community
Type of activity
New construction
102-130 sq m