Grand Hotel Lviv
Our bid for the International Open Architectural Competition for the best design proposal of a shopping center comprising Grand Hotel Lviv and a conference hall at 2 Doroshenka Street, in the city of Lviv. Lviv is a city of legends. This is what distinguishes it from many cities in our country. Our project is an echo of urban legends, and we tried to make it another tourist sight of Lviv.
The hotel building with a shopping center and a conference hall is neatly fit into the existing historical street, so it is designed in the colors of the nearby houses and has the rhythms of windows inherent in the surrounding facades. The complex also has a dynamic space section that combines internal and external spaces and flows into a luminous atrium with a waterfall. In addition to the waterfall, the building has several attractions, for example, a fragment of the Poltva River, which flows over the accessible roof area, and linden trees of magnates Czartoryski on the river bank. We tried to make the complex another tourist sight of Lviv with urban legends echoed in the project.
Type of activity
Competition project
4 908 sq m