Provision of the full complex of services, starting from conception development to project completion, including designer’s inspection supervision and putting the object into operation.
Development of an effective space-planning solution in combination with an impressive artistic image allow creation of modern buildings with interesting facades and comfortable inner spaces. Experience of many years and application of unusual creative solutions ensure successful performance of projects of any complexity.
We aim to create a high quality product mirroring modern architectural and technological trends regardless of the project scale.
The scope of design services:
  • Evaluation of urban development condition of the site;

  • Collection of initial data;

  • Pre-project studies following with determination of optimal technical and economic indexes;

  • Preparation of draft, conceptual and other presentation materials;

  • Developmentofprojectdocumentationandprovision of support for state or non-state expertise;

  • Developmentofoperationaldocumentation;

  • Development of an interior project;

  • Designer’s supervision over construction.

The scope of engineering works:
  • Consulting services for evaluation and selection of a site for construction;

  • Analysis of project solutions;

  • Organization of tenders;

  • Management of the project budget and financial resources control;

  • Scheduling and control of progress of works;

  • Control of observance of construction processes methods;

  • Control of quality and scope of performed works;

  • Control of fulfillment of project solutions;

  • Control of quality of used materials;

  • Control of maintenance of construction documentation;

  • Technical inspection of construction;

  • Putting of the object into operation.
Construction services are the complex of works, starting from arrangement of permission documentation for construction and ending with putting of the object into operation. Our basic work principles are high quality of performed works, reliability of adopted decisions and professional approach to execution of assigned tasks. Successful resolution of construction tasks foremost depends on well-coordinated work of the group of engineers, design engineers, constructors, architects and designers, logistics specialists and procurement agents with wide work experience in this filed and high qualification.
The scope of construction services:
  • Earthworks;

  • Dismantling works

  • Construction of deep and shallow foundations;

  • Construction of structures using monolithic reinforced concrete;

  • Production and installation of metal structures;

  • Laying and installation works;

  • Construction of special purpose structures;

  • Waterproofing works;

  • Finishing works;

  • Installation of engineering networks and communications;

  • Improvement and landscaping of the territories.
Evaluation of the technical condition of structures and development of recommendation for further operation of the object.
Modern equipment and calculation complexes are used to perform works for evaluation of technical condition of buildings and constructions.This way we can conduct maximally objective evaluation of an examined object, determine deterioration rate and draw up effective recommendations and find out causes of occurred defects and damages.
The scope of technical inspection works:
  • Studying of the inspection object, collection of existing project documentation;

  • Preliminary visual inspection of the building structures;

  • Detailed (instrumental) inspection of the building structures ;

  • Determination of actual operational loads and impacts;

  • Determination of design forces;
  • Analysis of the results of inspection and checking calculations;

  • Analysis of the defect and damage causes;

  • Execution of the final document (act, conclusion, technical report) that contains conclusions on the results of the inspection;

  • Development of the recommendations toensure required values of strength and deformability of the structures, which also contain recommended work performance consequence.