Urban Ranch, Apartment complex
Place: Chubinskoye, Kiev oblast
new construction
89 000 sq m
The residential complex is designed amidst the nature in the suburbs of Kyiv near the Borispol highway. Our goal was to create a comfortable residential area with quiet courtyard spaces, free to the greatest extent possible of most cars. Therefore, we have formed a number of different shaped courtyards with the spaces combined in a common recreation area. Most roads are located bout the neighborhoods. To make the architecture of the complex look like a beautiful European town, we have designed each individual building featuring an inherent combination of sections. The facades of the complex feature a complex building silhouette formed by a combination of flat and inclined roofs, including the upper floor terraces. The courtyards are marked by a state-of-the-art landscape design of footpaths, greenery and playgrounds. The complex has a small lake, a tennis court, a mini-soccer field and unusual playgrounds. The construction of the children's educational center is planned.